7 Types of Businesses That Benefit from Using Outdoor Flags


Humans have used flags for several centuries. From battlefields to castle tops – flags have always been omnipresent in human civilizations. In the current era, flags are used as marketing tools. Business owners looking to expand or popularize their brands set up custom-printed flags outside their stores or at public locations/events.

Well-designed outdoor flags never fail to bring in new customers to stores and service centers. That’s why marketing flags have been a mainstay in the marketing strategies of thousands of businesses for several decades.

How to Use Flags as Marketing Tools?

Most outdoor locations look pretty dull and mundane. Well-designed flags can instantly light up these locations. These flags attract attention. That’s their main strength. From auto-dealers to gas stations to restaurants – different types of businesses benefit in the same way by installing marketing flags. These flags are mainly used for –

  • Outdoor Promotions: Colorful, well-designed flags always stand out in grand openings, product launches, and other outdoor promotional events. Custom-print your brand’s logo/name on your promotional flags to give your brand exposure at these outdoor locations.
  • Decorations: Colorful flags can instantly light up a dull, non-appealing storefront. Marketing flags are usually made of durable fabrics like vinyl or propylene. So, they don’t get rain, sun, or wind damage in outdoor locations.
  • Point of Sale: Flag decorations can indirectly improve a store’s perceived trustworthiness among its customers and clients. That’s why many storeowners install high-quality marketing flags at their payment counters to make positive first impressions on shoppers.
  • Brand Awareness: Flags designed for outdoor conditions can be installed anywhere. Companies can spread awareness about their products/offers in outdoor spaces that experience a lot of foot/car traffic via these flags.

So, what types of businesses apply these uses of marketing flags to make their brands successful? Typically, it’s the businesses that need cost-efficient marketing. That’s what durable and versatile marketing flags give them. 

For example, the average bank generates $18.34 for every dollar invested in marketing. That’s why so many banks set up low-cost yet long-lasting marketing flags on their premises. Here are seven other businesses that benefit from flag marketing –

  1. Real Estate Companies: Selling real estate is all about promoting different locations. Flags are the best at making mundane locations look appealing.
  2. Retail Stores: Any business that wants to make an unappealing location look appealing can benefit from flag marketing. That applies to dull or poorly designed retail storefronts as well.
  3. Sports: From marathons to college football games to e-sport events – promotional flags are omnipresent in most sporting events.
  4. Tradeshows: Tradeshows and marketing conferences are the ultimate “home” of marketing flags. Promotional flags serve as brand awareness tools, directional signage, and free giveaways at these events.
  5. Outdoor Event Marketing: Marketing flags are sturdy and can cope with high wind conditions. They fit perfectly on open festival and event grounds.
  6. Universities: University admins use flags as marketing displays and as directional signage for visitors, students, and parents.
  7. Car Dealerships: Perhaps the most popular user of promotional flags in this list. It’s extremely common to see large feather flags installed outside auto dealerships and service centers.

As you can see – businesses of all types use flags to decorate and brand their stores and other outdoor spaces.

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