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I was asked yesterday on the abbyrao instagram if people should paint their new construction homes. I asked if this was in the cards, and was told that it is. I then asked what the colors were and I was told to get going. I then asked if they were going to paint it an orangey beige. They were, and I have to say, they were pretty excited about the color.

What you should really do is put on some red lipstick to hide that green eye.

Aha! You’re right, it’s a green eye. I was trying to get some pics of the thing to prove my point.

Abbys new website is now up. It has some pictures of the interior of the house and some pictures of the interior of the house, but no pictures of the interior of the house.

The interior of the house? The interior of the house are made up of a bunch of rooms. They are rooms that you can open and close, but those doors are only open from the inside (you cant see in them, and you can only see through them). So basically your first impression of abbyrao is that it is a house.

A house is a thing that houses. So the first impression of abbyrao is a house. And the first impression of a house is not a good one. I like this new website because it explains the main characters motivations and how he got to be a part of the team that controls how the island will be used.

The website has a simple, but effective, intro. The homepage has a bunch of video clips that explain the game’s story (or at least how it is supposed to be). All in all, it’s a good intro for a new website with a new game.

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