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Geek Bars

One of the best-known and widely used disposable vaporizers on the market today is the Geek bars, which are manufactured by Geek vape. The transition from smoking to vaping, which is associated with a better lifestyle, is facilitated greatly by the availability of disposable vape pens.

Check out our post titled “Quit Smoking” if you are interested in kicking your addiction to tobacco products and living a life free of second-hand smoke. The Geek Bar is a generally used gadget that, like other disposable vapes, may be used by novice vapers as well as those who have more expertise.

Vapers with more expertise can utilize the Geek Bar Lite as just a replacement device when they are on the road, or they can use it as a backup device in case their primary one goes out of battery.

The Geek Bar Disposable vape is a kit that is easy to use and can be thrown away once it has been depleted of its contents. There is no requirement to either recharge or replenish the device. After it has served its purpose, you are free to dispose of it.

One Geek Bar, in the color of your choosing, will be delivered to you as part of this purchase. It comes in a lovely container, and all you have to do to begin started using it is open the package, take off the protective packing, and then vape nonstop till the device is completely depleted of its contents.

Geek Bar Lite’s Outward Appearance and Interior Design

The Geek Bars come packaged in their box, and on the surface of the packaging, it specifies both the flavour and the level of nicotine. The gadget comes pre-filled with 1.8 millilitres of savoury nicotine salt vape juice that complies with TPD regulations. You have the option of selecting from ten distinctive flavours of nic salt, some of which are Mango Strawberry, Assorted Fruit, Blueberry Smoothie, Grape Raspberry, and many more.

Every flavor is available in a nicotine salt strength of 20 milligrams, however, keep in mind that now the package indicates the nicotinic strength is 2%; this is the appropriate amount for a 20-milligram product. Some individuals have the misconception that 2% nicotine is the same as 2mg, but in reality, 2% nicotine is equal to 20mg, while 2mg is equal to 0.2%. This can lead to some misunderstandings.

The Geek bar gadget is a really useful piece of equipment; its dimensions are 23.2 millimetres by 14.3 millimetres by 105 millimetres, so it can be held in your hand with ease and tucked away in your pocket without a problem. When it is turned on, the base also illuminates thanks to a little LED light that is positioned there.

The fact that each flavor is given its color and is depicted on the kit is one of the aspects of the design that I appreciate the most. The gadget has a diamond pattern on it, which helps it stand out more, as well as the Geek Vape Logo stamped on it. Both of these features contribute to the item’s overall unique appearance. The Geek bar is built entirely of plastic and it is extremely lightweight. Although I thought it was made of excessively plastic, I can comprehend why it was created to be thrown away after use because it is a throwaway product and is intended to be thrown away after use.

When you are vaping, the mouthpiece is likewise made of plastic, and it has an excellent shape that rests nicely on your lips.

Performance Level: Geek Bar Lite

As previously mentioned, the battery capacity of the Geek Bars Lite is 350 mAh, and it cannot be refilled. According to the calculations done by Geek vape, the gadget only requires this amount of battery first before the juice is depleted. It has been determined that you should be able to receive up to 400 puffs from each Geek Bar that you purchase. You won’t need any more food or drink for the rest of the day with this much provided.

It is possible to mistakenly cover the air inlet using your hand, which will cause the gadget to stop functioning. The airflow inlet is indicated at the bottom of the device. When users inhale, the Geek bar will begin to function; it has a built-in sensor that activates the fire system, and that sensor will only do so if it detects a draw or an inhale.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a “dry hit” occurs when your device warms up the cotton in the coils of the atomizer even when there is no e-liquid present. This results in a flavor similar to that of burnt cotton and gives you a particularly unpleasant sensation when you inhale.

A Few Partings Thoughts

It’s a terrific gadget for those who want to stop smoking but are unable to spend a lot of cash on a full vape kit. Those people are the perfect candidates for this product. We suggest that you start with a disposable device to determine whether or not vaping is something you will like and to get a broad sense of how well you will do with vaping. Please keep in mind that vaping isn’t the only option to kick the habit of smoking, although it is an extremely effective technique.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent kit; however, you cannot compare it to a genuine vape kit; yet, for a throwaway kit, it’s extremely excellent. Overall, it’s a pretty good kit. Nic salt flavors provide vapers a smoother pull while vaping and simulate the experience of smoking, which is another reason why they are perfect for folks who are wanting to stop smoking. I appreciate that it comes with Nic salt instead of a freebase nicotine E-Liquid. You only need a few puffs to hold those nicotine cravings at bay thanks to the intensity of the nicotine, which helps with the cravings we might acquire for nicotine.

Although disposable vapes can be extremely convenient, we would advise you to invest in a more long-term piece of equipment if you are planning on continuing to vape in the foreseeable future. It is always preferable to be worried about waste, as disposable vape kits cannot be reused once they have been used. After each usage, the vape and the battery that is contained within it are discarded, as they cannot be reused. In our various categories of vaporizer starter kits, you may locate some of the most impressive vaporizer kits available.

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