Are hybrid clouds as beneficial as other clouds?


A hybrid cloud is a combination of different environments. It uses both a public cloud and private cloud with an on-premises data center but also a computing environment for example Google Cloud. No company today completely relies on the public cloud and many have invested a large amount into on-premises sites and infrastructure over a long period of time and made this sector much stronger than it was. The Beeks Group provides more information on different clouds and also offers a network with security and connectivity which may interest those looking into adopting a different cloud.

What are the advantages of a hybrid cloud?

An important benefit of hybrid clouds is that it allows companies to effectively govern the cloud by deciding matters to do with your application and when to use hybrid computing. This can not only help the privacy of data but also ensure you are getting the most of what you really want. A hybrid cloud also helps improve performance and reduces the likelihood of any delays or interruptions in the connections or network, allowing connections to be made much quicker. A hybrid cloud also allows you a lot of flexibility in the environments you operate in as you have the decision to move between private, on-premises sites and public, computing sites, providing many different ways to work, also creating more freedom. In addition, using a public cloud as well as an on-premises site will expand cloud capacity allowing more storage and resources to be held without increasing the expenses too much, making a hybrid cloud much more cost-effective but also providing a larger capacity than normal clouds.

How to use a hybrid cloud?

Using a hybrid cloud may include multiple cloud providers, using more than one public cloud as well as on-premises data centers in order to maximize the outcome and manage the application more easily. Some way to migrate to the hybrid cloud is by switching an app from a private environment to a public one without any major changes made or disturbances. Another way to migrate to the hybrid cloud is by modernizing an application you may already have and then changing to the public cloud. However, sometimes modernizing an application is difficult to do and so the app needs to be removed overall as this makes it much easier to then adopt a hybrid cloud.

Why is a hybrid cloud used?

A hybrid cloud is useful if you want the scale and security of a public cloud but also want an on-premises site to manage your data. A hybrid cloud allows you to make changes to your infrastructure whenever you want or feel like your business is ready. Hybrid clouds also consider the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements and following rules whilst using public and private clouds. It is always useful to have both a public cloud and a private cloud as sometimes applications need to stay on-premises rather than in the cloud.

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