Are You Unsure About Your Attire Style? Take Inspiration from the TikTok Style Trends 


You must have seen the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival? If yes, you are also aware of the TikTok feeds filled with the make-up and style inspiration for one and all. Hence, if you have been searching for a new idea bank for the way you wish to style yourself, this is where you can get ideas from. 

The 2022 trends for Coachella

A look back at the earlier days of Coachella will highlight the earthy tones and bohemian flower crowns. Also, if you read about the TikTok influencers, you will find that the style trend has shifted from being completely free-spirited to having a modern-edge. Here, you will find multiple purple shades, beachwear galore, glitzed textiles, eclectic pieces, and fringe looks. The following pointers can help you to create your style to this emerging trend:

  • The fringe cowboy hat in rhinestone

Here you will come across a classic cowboy hat with the fringe rhinestone trim. According to TikTok, this style is a significant comeback. Hence, the style influencers say that most festival-goers will be opting in for this hat, in place of the new-age flower crown. And they can pair it with cowboy boots and a slip dress. 

It is here that you can add your customization! If you want something lightweight, you can say yes to a women’s and mens straw hat. It will complement your slip dress and also the boots. If you want to stick to the trend of the cowboy hat, you can opt in for a straw cowboy hat. However, if you choose a straw hat, you won’t deviate entirely from the style trend. The idea is to choose an accessory that is modern and stylish. The straw hat can fit into this category very well. 

  • The crotchet dresses and sets

According to Vogue, this trend is mainly for the ones who had sworn by the “DIY” style trends during the pandemic and have popularized the crotchet swimwear, bags, and bucket hats. Here you can say yes to flowery and vibrant patches that will make you appear distinctive amongst a crowd. 

  • Gilded and metallic textures

Since the pandemic is not fading gradually, now it’s time to sport the metallic trends. The TikTok style experts anticipate a significant comeback of the metallic fabrics that will add a new wave of style to the existing style code for festivals. The metallic textures bear similarity with the Disco age of the 1970S and are also getting back the futuristic vibes of a digital era. 

  • Euphoric hair and make-up

If you look at Coachella, you will find that “Euphoria” is a prominent element! Hence, you can go all out with your glittery eyeshadow and get your hair braided. If you check out the hairstyles that the TikTok influencers anticipate, you will find them filled with hair accessories like pears, barrettes, flowers, and butterfly clips. There are also the hair buns and the pigtail knots that you can opt in for. That is not all! You can also tune into the metallic frosted eyeshadow and the vibrant eyeliners for a festival look. 

  • Miniskirts, bodysuits, and the low-rise bottoms 

If you want the “Y2K feel”, this style trend is what you must opt-in for. When you think about the colors, it will focus on neon shades and metallic colors that add a funky element to your attire. Here, you can take a step back to 2000 with the low-rise bottoms, the tie-dye bodysuits, feather and chain accessories, miniskirts, and many more. 

  • The eyewear to choose

Do you want to say yes to the Y2K sunglasses? If yes, then here you get to select from the shield sunglasses. You might want to opt-in for the mildly tinted shield or the transparent bug-eyed frame. Choose what you most like and can carry it with style and comfort. You can also choose a pair of denim pants and pair them with a corset top in a light shade and flaunt the festival look. 

  • Getting the footwear correct

A stylish look isn’t complete when you wear the wrong shoes. Hence, when trying to flaunt the Coachella trend in your daily life, you need to wear the correct shoes that promise comfort and style. Here you have the scope to say yes to cowboy boots in all shades and textures. Alternatively, you can also say yes to the gladiator sandals, cool sneakers, and the platform slides in neon shades. 

Only time can say whether these style predictions by the TikTok influencers are correct or not! You can choose the elements you want and create a style statement unique to you. However, whether you are making it to the music festival or not, it’s essential to give these fashion trends a try, even when you are going for a city music night at a pub or a bar. 



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