can you use lotion as anal lube


Yes, please. If you have a man-cave or something like that, your husband can use lotion as anal lube.

Oh man, I’ve been a man-cave owner for about five years. I have two other guys that have been living in one for like as long. They don’t know how to use lube, but they know what to do with it.

In the real world, lube is used to lubricate the body in various places like the genital area, anus, or vagina. It’s also used for sexual stimulation, and is commonly used with topical products like lotion, creams, and lotion-based oral sex toys. It actually makes sense that lube would be used for anal play.

The reason why we buy lube is because it is a way to get rid of the body and get rid of the skin more easily. It doesn’t look like much anymore. But if you go to the lube store, you can see the lube-like texture. It’s not like a lotion. It’s made from a lotion-based base that makes it a lot more effective and less harmful to the skin.

And it works. The way that lube works is that the lube is put in the anal canal. Then, the lube is absorbed into the anal canal. Then, the top of the lube is rubbed. As you can see in the above video, the lube is absorbed into the anal canal and lubricated. And, for whatever reason, when the top of the lube is rubbed, the lube actually slides down the inside of the anus.

There are a lot of women that are worried about using lotion as an anal lube. But, when I tell them that there is no reason to worry about this, they usually fall back on the idea that if you’re using lotion as an anal lube, it’s because you’re a woman. But, if I really did say that, they’d be pretty upset and tell me that this is a stupid idea that men use as an anal lube.

The truth is that men don’t use lotion like women do. Men simply don’t use lotion when an anal lube is available. It’s the “why” that makes it different. But it doesn’t seem to matter to them.

As for why men arent using anal lubes as anal lubes, its a matter of personal preference. I am not against the idea of using anal lubes for anal sex, but I am against the idea of making anal sex look like anal anal sex. I think anal sex should be about anal sex, not about making it look like anal anal sex.

It’s not like you’re buying a car with a $20K engine and a $40K transmission. Like most cars, a lot of that cost comes from the parts and labor of the car, not from the parts themselves. As long as the parts and labor are available elsewhere, I don’t think a car that is good enough to buy has any value.

It might be worth it to you if the lubricant they come in are cheap and they last a long time, but I do not think they are worth the price. Yes, you can use lotion as an anal lube, but as far as I can tell, it is really just an oil that is great for anal sex.

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