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Mya Benway is the name given to the first born child of Elisha Benway (1818-1870). In 1838, Elisha lived in the village of Benway, New York and was the first blacksmith in the area. In 1854, Elisha married Lydia Smith and the couple had eight children.

The family name is derived from the Greek mya (young) and benway (blacksmith). It’s a reference to the fact that the two families were the first to use blacksmithing tools for both everyday use and for specialized work like forging weapons during the Civil War. I like the name, but I prefer Mya Benway.

Like many old-time families who had a blacksmith, Benway was involved in politics. In 1856, Benway and his wife were part of the newly formed Republican Party. Benway was one of the first blacksmiths to sign a petition demanding the right to be a free blacksmith. It is because of Benway’s efforts that blacksmithing became a legitimate career option for black people.

Some of Benway’s most well-known pieces include: The “Ten-Point” which was the original Confederate “Carpet Pillow,” a Confederate sword that Benway forged for the war, and the “Grave of the Confederacy.” His other pieces include a lock that would only work on a blacksmith’s forge, and a pick that was used as a weapon during the Civil War.

Benway is a black man. I also think he should be a free blacksmith. I also think it’s stupid that I can’t do the first item. I think it’s silly that I can’t do most of the other things because I have no idea what I’m doing.

I think Benway’s Grave actually makes more sense as a piece for a blacksmith than it does as a piece for a Confederate sword. Not only is it a beautiful piece of work, it was the first piece of military equipment given to the Union when he led the armies at the Battle of the Crater during the Civil War. It was also the first piece of Confederate military gear that was used to forge it.

Benways Grave is also the basis of a story I read in the book “The Lost and the Dead: The Forgotten Civil War Soldiers Who Fought at Gettysburg” by John M. O’Donnell, author of the historical work “Gettysburg.” It was the basis of one of the novels about the Civil War at the time, and the reason I own this Confederate sword.

It’s also the best part of the video, because the story is so old, it’s hard to believe it is still in play. It’s one of my favorite Civil War novels.

This piece is based on the real-life story of a woman who was a member of the 5th Alabama Cavalry during the American Civil War. She was a very good shot, but when she was wounded in battle, her wound became infected and she died. The rest of her life was spent in a hospital bed. She was in a wheelchair, but still very determined, and is the inspiration for the video.

The video is actually pretty short. I’ve been meaning to watch the whole thing, but I’m on a plane right now.

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