How to Use the Cold Card to Protect Your Bitcoin?


Before beginning with the primary aspect, everyone needs to understand what a cold card is. Well, it’s a hardware bitcoin wallet. It’s the most popular choice among all bitcoin users because it offers maximum security with proper privacy. Of course, hundreds of other options are also available when it comes to getting the BTC hardware wallets, but Cold Card is the finest one. Therefore, the best advice for all bitcoiners is to buy the Cold Card directly from the Coinkite.

In simple words, it’s the world’s most secure and trusted singing device for BTC. Users of the Cold Card are provided with great features such as easy to use, ultra-secure regarding all aspects, only for BTC and verifiable source code. The best thing about the particular wallet is that it offers a dual secure element. It means that it gives proper physical security. All the seed words of the bitcoiners are stored in the special chips.  

These chips are privately and securely designed to store secrets. Unlike other hardware wallets, here in the cold card, you can compile the code yourself. All these codes are editable, viewable, and verifiable. Apart from these functions, it has several great features described below. Everyone needs to understand them and then move ahead to know their importance.

  • It provides the users with a Numeric keyboard to make the process of using codes easy. 
  • The screen is entirely bright, and it’s OLED. The screen resolution of Cold Card is 128*64.
  • Among all the valuable hardware wallets, it’s the most affordable one. The entire packaging is simple, the design is plain enough, and no cables or fancy boxes are there.
  • Another good feature is that this device is ultra-secure because it uses real security chips.
  • The best thing about it is that it allows the bitcoiners to make easy backups. Along with the backup option, it offers enough data storage. It means they can quickly sign in offline and make transfers or transactions.

With these exclusive stunning features, the Cold Card hardware wallet becomes the top-notch choice of every BTC user. Using it is the best way to secure and store your crypto from the risk of scammers and hackers.

Usage of Cold Card for securing BTC

Here you will learn how to use the cold card wallet for your bitcoin. Before it, every bitcoin user must know about the essential things like the correct device to get the software, the right source to buy it and get a stable or safe interconnection. In the beginning, when individuals buy the device, they are provided with instructions. 

They need to go through them and then set the PIN carefully. After then, there are specific other tasks that you have to perform. Once everything is completed, it’s time to sign in. Below are the main steps by which you can set up the cold card and use it accordingly. After then, users need to know about the passphrases. They need to know all the terms and then move ahead to make every step carefully. 

  1. The cold card wallet is present for all the versions of electrum which users can get accordingly.
  2. Afterwards, individuals need to verify their download using the PGP signature via the latest version.
  3. The next step for users is to visit the file menu and select restore or new.
  4. Then they have to name that file and then finalize the standard wallet.
  5. Users need to use the hardware device to choose and do so.
  6. That’s it. The cold card device will be shown and selected. 

These are the steps by which you can use the cold card hardware wallet to store and secure your bitcoin. To know more about the installation and usage of the same wallet, one has to do good research online. Now talking about the working of this wallet, its backups are based on a 24-word seed. It spits out 24 words each second. 

If anybody loses their cold card or is stolen, users can get them back using these 24 words. The same wallet is safe because it works in conjunction with the software you are dealing with. A software wallet is a tool used for watching the transactions and creating the addresses for making transactions. Now the thing is, as there are so many cold card bitcoin wallets available, users need to pick the right one that is worthwhile.


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