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@miamaples, my Instagram (it’s actually a great way to see the world, and to connect with people), is my go-to account for any and everything related to the art of cooking. She has a variety of recipes that are easy to make on a budget, and I love that I can easily find everything she has to share.

miamaples is an internet celebrity. Her Instagram is full of things like: Recipes, tips, and tricks and how to’s. You can follow her on Instagram by going to

miamaples is also an excellent resource for Instagram tutorials, and she’s always up for a conversation. She’s a fantastic friend and a fantastic cook.

miamaples is known for her delicious recipes, and I love that she provides many of them on her blog. I know a lot of bloggers who get super excited when they find a new recipe and they blog about it on their website. I think people are shocked when they find a great new recipe and they don’t share it with their friends because they don’t want to be seen as bragging.

I think a lot of bloggers go a bit overboard in this regard. Ive found that I’m much more willing to share what I’m making when I know I can give a good review. For example, I love cooking with my kids and I want them to be able to trust that I’m honest.

I agree. This is important because it helps to distinguish between the good and the great. Sometimes bloggers just write about their favorite recipes and they don’t add a lot of detail or even a lot of pictures. I’m not saying that all bloggers should be blogging about their favorite recipes, but I do think bloggers should be more careful about how they share their recipes. I see a lot of posts that are just a link to a recipe, but the recipe itself isn’t worth sharing.

I actually agree with this sentiment. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I think that blogs like What’s My Point? ( are the only way to go for recipe sharing. They’re not only a great way to share recipes but they’re also very informative with great pictures and lots of tips on cooking. I think this is a good place to start.

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