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I’ve had to take a lot more time and energy to get through my daily routine lately. I’m not complaining though. I’m just saying that I’ve been putting in more time and energy lately. I’m the most relaxed I’ve been in forever.

That is a good thing. Im just saying, I think it helps to take a little bit more time in the morning.

That’s nice, but it also means you can’t keep up with your other priorities and still get the things you want, like doing laundry.

As someone who does laundry, my laundry is usually done after I’ve done the dishes, so I have to do it all at once anyway. For me, this means I have to let things sit until I’m ready to pick them up again. When I have the time and energy, I’ll actually put them away so they’re ready to use again, but for now, I’m just letting them sit until I’m ready.

nathaly cuevas and jacob, if I were to use that as an analogy, I would say that I am constantly fighting time. It’s like my life is a game, and I’m just trying to keep up the pace by keeping my mind distracted. But when I’m trying to do something I feel that I should be doing, I find myself giving up, or I let myself get distracted, and then I miss my goal or I fail.

I am constantly fighting time, and I think that is a huge part of why I find myself getting distracted so easily. In my video, Im using a video game analogy (see below) to illustrate this time-dissention. The idea being that I am playing a game with a friend and we both want to play until one of us is left with nothing to do. One of us will have to quit though, and the other will have to start over.

The time-dissention can often be attributed to something that happened in our childhood. For example, when I was five, I was on my way to school, and my best friend and I were going to the library to pick up my favorite book so we could read it together. We each took a book, and we picked the same one. I took the book to the library, and I opened the book to a page that was written by my friend.

That was me. So there you have it.

Cuevas and Jacob are two characters who are in a similar plight to me, but they have different reasons. Cuevas comes from a time when everyone had to dress to play dress-up. They were all pretty much the same except for their clothes, and all the girls ended up wearing the same thing, which were pretty much the same outfit. Jacob, on the other hand, has a whole different childhood and different reasons for the time-dissention.

Cuevas, like me, was the kid who dressed up to play with dolls. He was a teenager before he had any friends. Jacob, on the other hand, was the kid who didn’t have any friends at all. He spent all his time with two other kids who had no friends at all.

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