What is so good about working with multiple desktops on Mac?


The power and capabilities of Macs facilitate users to multitask with ease. As a result, millions of individuals choose Macs as their device of choice to enhance their productivity and get more work done. macOS, the operating system that powers up Macs, facilitates users to perform numerous activities thanks to its top-tier multitasking features. For instance, users can watch a tutorial on editing a video and tweak a video in another application besides the tutorial window simultaneously. Similarly, users can research a topic and write a document alongside each other without hassle.

Moreover, the split view feature of macOS facilitates users to adjust the size of two open windows without hassle. According to Apple, all users need to do to enable the Split View feature on their Mac is to hover their cursor over the full-screen button on the upper left corner of any open window and choose either of the two “Tile Window” options to fill the screen. The other app will automatically move to the other side. 

Another powerful feature of macOS that offers numerous benefits to users is the option to create and use multiple desktops. The majority of creative professionals choose to use multiple desktops to keep different projects separate. Even though a single workspace is good enough for working on a single project, managing multiple projects in one place may become overwhelming. Hence, using multiple desktops is preferred by many Mac users. This article will shed light on how users can use multiple desktops on a Mac and the advantages of doing so. Let us get started:

How to Use Multiple Desktops on Mac:

If you use your Mac as your daily driver for working on different projects and are having trouble managing them efficiently, it would be best to use multiple desktops on Mac. You can create a virtual desktop by following different methods. For starters, if you use a MacBook, you can swipe up using four fingers on the trackpad and open Mission control, and click on the “plus” sign at the top-right of the screen to add a new virtual desktop. Besides this, you can also create multiple desktops without hassle. macOS allows users to create up to 16 spaces on Mac; hence, you can conveniently create multiple desktops by clicking on the “plus” sign.

Moreover, macOS also facilitates users to drag and drop applications between different desktops. This makes it easy for users to segregate different files and transfer them to the required desktop without hassle. Once you are done with the desktop, you can delete a virtual desktop by opening Mission Control, hovering your cursor over the desktop you wish to delete, and clicking on the small “X” icon. 

Advantages of Using Multiple Desktops:

Creating and using multiple desktops offers numerous benefits to users. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • It Facilitates Users to Organize and Manage Active Applications Efficiently

Multitasking can get quite overwhelming, especially if too many applications are open in the background. Creating and using multiple desktops is one of the most effective ways to manage open applications. You can open as many apples as you require and keep them on different desktops as per your requirements without worrying about closing, minimizing, or switching between them. Moreover, once you become familiar with how you can switch between different desktops present on your Mac and organize active applications, multitasking becomes more convenient. 

  • It Enhances Users’ Focus

When users do not have to worry about closing, opening, minimizing, or switching between applications, it allows them to focus on the task. It prevents them from getting distracted and harming their workflow. Moreover, multiple desktops also facilitate users to work with different applications without hassle simultaneously. Users can place any distracting app or window on another desktop while working and switch back to it when they take a break or finish their work. Hence, using multiple desktops facilitates users in emphasizing utmost focus on their tasks rather than getting overwhelmed by managing different applications and open windows. 

  • It Allows Users to Compare Data Easily

Suppose you are working on a document that requires information from different sites. In that case, you can conveniently open multiple browser tabs and place different ones in different tabs. Then, whenever you require it, you can easily switch between desktops to view and compare information on different topics without hassle. Even though it might feel tiring to switch between desktops at first, once you get used to it, the process will feel easier and more convenient. Moreover, using multiple desktops while working also increases productivity since users significantly save time because of the feature. 

If you are a macOS user who loves multitasking, it would be best to create and use multiple desktops, as it will help you work more productively and free you from the hassle of managing different active applications. Refer to the guide above to create desktops and start using them efficiently.

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