Why Math Worksheets are Important?

Math Worksheet

As we all know how much practice is important in mathematics. Every concept is incomplete without practice. Nowadays teachers focus on completing the chapters and switching to the next. If we keep on understanding the concept without its practice, we can’t get to know how prepared are we, are we doing it in the right way, and many more. Math worksheets are the answer to all your queries. It is a test sheet of each chapter that contains all the difficult queries related to the chapter. You can compare it with the exam sheets as it prepares you for the exams. It builds confidence among students. If the student keeps on understanding the topic without practicing, it is of no use. No matter how he gets the concept he can only build his confidence if he solves all the problems related to the chapter and is ready to face any problems related to that one chapter. Let’s focus on the topic perimeter of a pyramid.

Perimeter of Triangle

A triangle is a shape having three sides that can be the same in length or different and its side meet at a point called the vertex. The perpendicular distance from the vertex to the center of the base is called the altitude and height of the triangle and the length of the perpendicular from the vertex to the side of the triangle is called slant height. To find the perimeter of triangle we will use the formulae,

       P = 3a

Where a is the area.

Find the perimeter of a triangle with three different sides 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm?

To find the perimeter of the triangle, add all the three sides = 3+ 4+ 5 = 12cm.

Benefits of Math Worksheet

As we learned above how Math worksheets are important for the students. We have learned its uses now let’s focus on why is it beneficial for students. Here are a few points which indicate how worksheets are beneficial:

Critical Thinking

Practicing Math help students to use their problem-solving skills. When they try to solve the problems they use all their skills, and concepts which enhance their critical thinking skill. By consistently solving the problems, they can enhance their problem-solving skill, by getting the correct answer, they will build confidence regarding their preparation.

Interactive learning

You can look after an online website cuemath which came us with an amazing concept of learning with fun which involves various interactive activities. This concept attracts them to learning. Interactive learning helps students to interact more and build confidence in themselves. Other than interactive learning it has many games and quizzes which develop his interest in learning and implements the concept of learning with fun.

Time Management

These online worksheets have limited time for a question. So the student has to solve that question in that given time only. If students practice it offline then they will be distracted by the outer world as he has plenty of time to solve it. But in online worksheets, he has limited time only so he doesn’t have any option to get distracted. So he will solve it at the correct time without any distraction. And by this, he can develop great time management skills.

Practice and revision

Math worksheets are a great source of practice and revision. As students can solve them whenever they want. As we discussed in the above point about a time limit. So if the student is unable to solve it in a given time then he can practice it again and again till he solves it at the correct time. This will help in understanding the concept more clearly with proper speed,

Gain focus

Math worksheet mainly focuses on the main topics which need more attention and difficult questions so that students will be ready to solve any type of problem. By solving these types of problems they learn to focus on important parts.


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