What is BIP in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?


Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) is mainly designed for creating new features and introducing information to BTC. In other words, it’s a system used for making changes to bitcoin. BIP process manages the bitcoin community when there is no centralized leader present. This system can make changes to the BTC’s consensus layer, development process and community standards. 

As it’s a kind of software, the process of making upgrades is constantly undergoing. Some of the main actions taken are always like algorithms, bugs need to be fixed, focus on codes to simplify, and plenty of new features added. As bitcoin is open-source and consensus-based, so there is no leader present. Due to security reasons, the bitcoin development process is deliberate and slow. 

Also, people nowadays should know about the lightning network. It’s the best way for users as it is fast enough and performs all transactions under high security. Another aspect is picking the most reliable platform, whether it’s for investment or trading. An ideal option for everyone is to prefer ICON Blockchain as they get genuine services here. 

Process of creating the BIP

Firstly, people must know that bitcoin is an open-based system, and anyone can perform or make a BIP. In the forming stage, BIPs are created as informal proposals on the email list on channels like Slack or IRC. After then, developers can email all their ideas to the email list. After then, anyone interested in the ideas will automatically respond to them. 

For making your idea to the final stage, getting a good response from all sides is necessary. Once any proposal is signed or final-tuned, it is assigned a BIP number. The Bitcoin Core GitHub repository publishes this number. Still, at this stage, the created BIP is not official and not approved to use. To learn more about it, users should visit several sources online.

How did these BIPs got approved?

At the time of the development of the BIP, both communities interact with each other, i.e. broader community of BTC users and the developer community. For example, in the background, if BIP necessities codes are going to change in bitcoin core, developers will work on several activities like testing, integrating code and writing, etc.; on the other side, if users or some people raise any argument, then that BIP will withdraw. In that case, it can either be rejected or restarted.

Now, there are many types of BIPs present. Every type is considered separately and also activated differently. Given below are the main of all BIPs which everyone needs to know.

  1. Consensus BIP
  2. SegWit Upgrade
  3. Standards BIPs
  4. Process BIPs
  5. BIP 8 & 9

The BIP community focuses mainly on the transparency and process of decision-making. Their main target is to keep bitcoin decentralized. Therefore, the activation of these proposals is mainly decided by the network nodes or any individual who runs a node.

Make use of the lighting network

Here individuals are going to learn about the best network that is best to use these days for making transactions. Yes, a lighting network provides you with lightning-fast speed for making all types of transactions. Also, as the entire process is based on the blockchain network, it offers maximum security to the clients. Therefore, it becomes easy for users to perform the actions like making small transactions or paying for small goods or services. 

The best thing about it is that it allows the users to make real-time settlements. But the only thing users need to focus on is taking their credentials carefully. They need to understand their responsibility and ponder all risks, as once they lose the data, it’s hard to recover them. So the best option for bitcoin users who are running businesses at a small level is to know about it first and then carefully make decisions to use it.

What’s the final verdict?

Moving further, whether it comes to investing, trading or performing other actions, a marvellous platform plays a crucial role. So the platform mentioned above is the most trustworthy as users get top-quality services at proper terms and conditions. So individuals get better opportunities when dealing with such a great platform. Also, when it comes to making payments through BTC, picking the best hardware wallet is the only secure option. In this way, they can perform all actions safely.


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